Further Reading

  • A blend of original fiction writing; technical articles spanning topics like linux system administration, programming, research computing; and the occasional smattering of something whimsical.

  • The Whimsical Ramblings of a Confused Michiganian
  • A blog by a writer about her experiences.

  • Part Japan advice, part fannish frothing, all extreme and to the max!

  • Freelance Writer and Editor.

  • Scriptum Oblivionis
  • Warhammer, A Call to Arms: Star Fleet, my machinima Star Trek: Durandal, and other creative ventures

  • A blog about the creatures of myth, legend, and folklore, throughout history and across cultures along with original art by the author, dabs of humor, and citations to back everything up.

  • A food and travel blog along with a variety of posts including Mona Lisa parodies, detective fiction, and world literature.

  • Fan-Fiction at Balto Source
  • Balto Fan-fiction

  • Vital Paradigms
  • A systems perspective on medicine & healing in the US

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