Saturday, October 17, 2015

A Difficult Explanation to a Suspicious Audience

Warning: Strong Language.

Part 1 of a 3 part prompt.

Simon shoved Katrina out in front of the curtain. The audience murmured in alarm under the house lights. Only a few patrons had noticed her. Fighting the urge to flee, she swallowed hard and made ready her performance voice.

“Ladies and gentlemen! Let me assure you that it is but a minor technical difficulty that is holding up our performance for you tonight, and that we are doing everything that we can to remedy the issue and continue the performance.”

The crowd quieted some, but not everyone was satisfied.

“That guy lost a hand! I saw it! How’s he going to do the rest of the magic show with one hand!?”

Katrina stiffened, but kept the placating smile on her face. “Sir, please. A minor technical difficulty is what we are dealing with.”

“Minor amputation is more like it!”

“Please, sirs, ladies, take you seats. I assure you that the performance will be continuing in just a few moments. Thank you for your patience.” Katrina ducked back behind the curtain. “Dammit Simon! They’re not buying it.”