Friday, September 25, 2015

Sounds Became Intense, I Heard Everything

Part 2 of 4 of a multi-part writing prompt dealing with the senses.

Standing in line, waiting to board that infamous ride, all the sounds of the amusement park suddenly sprouted around with a blossoming intensity. I heard everything. I heard a barker at Prize Alley trying to get a young couple to play that game with the squirt guns. I heard the individual scream of a blond on the Gemini as the trains raced over a hill. I heard a child crying for more ice cream at one of the concession stands. But more important, I heard the ride. I heard the creaking of the metal support beams and the chunk of the over-greased gears. I heard a soft whine in the cable that pulled the car up to the top of the tower and the groan of the tower itself as it swayed in the wind. Finally, unmistakably, I heard the bolt shear and go pinging off into the ether as the car plummeted down with no stopping mechanism..